Sunday, September 09, 2012

Adidas King of the Road

A successfully staged running event by Adidas handling 10,000 runners on a fine Sunday morning at Sunway Pyramid on 9 Sept 2012.
The standard of staging this running event is almost of world-class level. All activities are structured, systematic and no noticeable hiccups: starting from the pre-race collection of race entry packs at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Complex, a leading shopping centre in Kuala Lumpur to crowd control in managing huge volume of runners on race day to post-race collection of medals and refreshment.
Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC).

Myriad of colour ... this photo courtesy of adidas
Collecting of medals and refreshment. Very structured and orderly manner in post-race activities. No crowding around the finishing line.

There were only two categories: the popular 10km, and the new and interesting 16.8km. Other than the conventional Half Marathon, I think the 16.8km category is a good name as the number “168” in Cantonese sounds good and auspicious. In many years to come, if the 16.8km category proves to be popular, it actually started from M'sia ... :-)
I like the multi-colour designed running vests that spice up the mood of this running event. From far, it is a myriad of colour for runners running on the NPE highways having the feeling of being king of the road.
BRAVO to Adidas!!

 The signature landmark of Sunway Pyramid

 Myriad of colour with the different design of running vests that spice up the event. The nice looking running vest can be used for other training.
 Having fun ... trying to give some drinking water to the mascot

 With the grassland, it is an ideal location to relax and chat with friends after the event.

 Runners happily posing for photos on the podium; behind this panel, the official event is also busy presenting the prizes for top runners.

 Men's category top runners

With close proximity to Sunway Pyramid shopping complex, many cafe to relax and unwind with friends after the event.

Meantime, certain implementation was not that successful: we were not able to pose for the Gangnam style as planned due to the environment was not too conducive. We were standing at the location where the officials were going to cordon off the place just before the start of the event. Posing for camera needs more time also. Nevertheless, the photo from DC Tan’s (Left 4) camera did look very good; Kelly (Right 2) said that yours truly's (Left 1) pose is still the old pose.

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Anonymous said...

Good & nice blog bro, as I alwiz read..

However, some comments as I guess 16.8KM category is not new. Last yr 2011 it is there also.

Adidas KOTR held in 5 countries - Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Indonesia, Phillipines & our Malaysia. Doing 16.8km in these 5 countries is equal of doing 2 marathons (16.8km X 5). That's y it is 16.8KM.

One more, as the info I get, this year, 16.8KM is more popular as its participants is more than 10KM participants.

Thank you.