Sunday, August 12, 2012

FRIM Trail Running

Trail running at FRIM Kepong on 12 August 2012 (Sunday) with FRIM Trail Runners. Running route: start from Dream Trail, connect to Rover Track, Mountain Bike Track; then heading towards the Gate at Sungei Buloh end; Steroid Hill, Salem High Country; return via Mountain Bike Track to FRIM Clubhouse.

Do click here to view photos courtesy of yours truly (KC).

Yours truly (KC) with FRIM Trail Runners ... Allan Lee is the Team Lead (front, left)
 Dream Trail ... a nice trail

 Quite a number of Crown Shyness Trees (Kapur Trees) along the Dream Trail ... notice the clear boundaries set by each tree without touching one another.
 Yvonne, ChongYF and Yin Yin ... admiring the Crown Shyness Trees

 Passing by the Orang Asli settlement ... this time, no more durians

 Yvonne taking photos at foothill of Salem High Country

 Descending Salem High Country ... ChongYF, Yvonne, KC

Return via Mountain Bike Track

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