Sunday, March 11, 2012

Zhineng qigong and FRIM

In appreciation of the laoshi (in Mandarin meaning teacher or master or sifu) who teaches me the technique of Zhineng Qigong (chi gong) in Malaysia, I took them and other members for trekking on Saturday, 10 March 2012. After having been organizing of many outings, this is just a simple task for me. So for a start, I have selected FRIM Kepong which is scenic and not too difficult to trek.

It was a good weather with the overcast sky. The air was fairly fresh with the heavy rain that lasted for more than 10 hours on last Wednesday evening (7 March) that caused flash flood in many of the places in Kuala Lumpur. It was safe in the hills.

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC). Click Slideshow (top left) and hit F11 key to adjust the optaimal display size.

A group photo at Rover Track - start of the trekking ... yours truly (KC) at bottom right.

At Canopy Walkway

The fitness level of the qigong members was commendable, possibly due to constant practice in regulating the chi in the bodies. Starting from Rover Track, I led the team to turn into Canopy Walktrail; continuing the journey to Malay Tea House which is now closed for renovation. We then walked to Taman Botani Kepong, passing by the scenic lake, and returned via Mountain Bike Trail. We then proceed to see the wonders of nature – the tall Kapur Trees – whose leaves are set with boundaries that never to touch another tree of the same species.

Since I am in trail running attire, I took to opportunity to run along the trails, though I was the only one that ran in the group this time.

The entire journey took 4 hours and 30 minutes. Tough it was a fairly tiring effort for the laoshi and members, they felt good of able to trek thus far and connect with nature. Maybe next time, we can schedule a qigong practice in the hills interwoven with trekking.

 Durian flowers ... emitting a pleasant fragrant; in another few months' time, there should be many durians in this park

 Walking along the tracks and trails in FRIM

A word of appreciation to Grace Tabitha Lim Clark, a research office in FRIM, for showing me how to go navigate to Taman Botani Kepong, Dream Trail and Kapur Tree ... click here.

In 2009, when I assembled a team to trek to Mount Everest Base Camp, I was gung-ho then that the first meet was to trek at Gunung Nuang. Choosing a tough mountain, that incident did create interesting and lasting memories as certain new members were not able to take the strenuous terrain ... click here.

Having fun at Taman Botani Kepong (still within FRIM) ... with improved background (partners sitting on a bench)

 Return via Mountain Bike Track

 Respect for laoshi ... Cindy Lim fanning Soo laoshi with the gigantic dried leaf picked from the ground, never mind that she was sweating profusely
 The huge fish (with yellow tail)

 Kapur Trees - notice the boundaries set by one another


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Do click here for Zhineng Qigong (Malaysia) website.

Posted by KC Leong


gracie said...

Simply amazing pics KC! I love the last pic where everyone is pointing up at the kapur trees! I'm so glad that you, I and Lady Su shared that run last year and now you are in turn sharing all the beauty of nature in FRIM with friends too.

KC & the Sunshine Runners said...

Hi Grace ... thanks for showing the way around in FRIM ... :-) KC

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