Sunday, September 04, 2011

Puchong Hill Trail Running

The group – quite a big group this time – went for trail running at Puchong Hill (or Air Hitam Forest Reserve) on Tuesday, 30 August, the first day of Raya holiday. Other than the regulars, the new friends are Chin, Vance, SC's son, Gandhi, Lohita, Kirandeep, Wuan, Bernard Lee, and Siaw Cheng.

This time, all were running. From a distance, it is just like a line of runners meandering through the trail around the hill.

To add fun to the event, Lady Su came with two of her newly acquired pet doggies. In outdoor activities, the doggies are like children that require constant supervision to avoid straying away due to their inquisitive mind.

While taking a breather, I could hear a few runners were breathing extra hard; not that they were panting for breath, I would think that they were trying to breathe in more fresh air and the good negative ions.
Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC).

Back (L-R): ChongYF, SC's son, Vance, Chin, SC Yong, Kirandeep, KC Leong
Middle: Mak, TeeEK, Bernard, Wuan, Lohita, Gandhi,
Front: Wendy Liu, Tee's wife, Lady Su, Lai Kuan, Siaw Cheng, Patricia Yap.

Very busy exchanging ideas about doggies ... Patricia Yap, Lady Su and Lai Kuan. That black and white dog likes Patricia (sniffing and social connection in progress)... :-)

Lady Su’s doggies are named Dolly and Parton. Every time we call ‘Dolly Parton’ loudly, I could see other trekkers start looking around to see whether the one from the USA is here trekking in Kuala Lumpur ... :-)

Just like human beings that exhibit different characteristic, the yellow dog is more intelligent and not afraid of water, but not the black one.

 Taking a breather

  In most hills, the peak is just a barren ground that we hope to be able to see the sky.
In this track, the icing on the cake is that it is a waterfall and a pool with clear water.

The pristine pool

Part of the group went for Dim Sum for brunch. All Dim Sum restaurants in this Puchong Commercial Centre are packed with people. The ‘lau sar pau’ (pau with butter and yellow milk custard filling) taste fantastic!

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Harry said...

bestnya trail running. berapa jauh sampai ke waterfall bro KC?
bila buat lagi? maybe boleh follow you guys next time.

KC & the Sunshine Runners said...

Hi Harry,

Round trip is about 9.3km, not too difficult terrain. No plan yet at this moment ... :-) KC