Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bukit Tabur

It was a free and easy filler trek -- 11 trekkers and a mountain dog went for this trekking trip at Bukit Tabur (or Klang Gate Ridge). Lead by Rocky Dan, and at times, the mountain dog, we went by the orchard way that was planted with many fruit trees such as durian, champedak, mangostin, petai, etc. The chempedak and petai radiated their unique fragrance; we could tell which territory we were at without even looking around.
Started at 7:45 a.m., the trip took about 1 hr 10 minutes to arrive at the 'peak'. We rested at the 'carpet' area; round trip took about 3 hours. The group then adjourned to a makmak coffee shop for drinks and chat and have good laugh. Thanks to PK Chan who paid the bill for all. We left at 11:30 a.m.

We went by the orchard way with many durian, chempedak, petai, mangostin trees, etc ... Siti, Alexis, Yoke Ching.

Tough uphill climb

This female dog is unique: it follows the pack (at times, lead the pack) to the peak. Alexis and Siti are giving drinking water to the dog. They tried giving it 100 Plus and it does did not like sweet drinks -- must be a purist.
PK Chan's trekking pants (Brooks brand) attracted many weeds. One trekker said it is the testimony that he went trekking and not elsewhere... :-) Another trekker quipped (stretching the imagination) that it is also a good idea to wear pants that can auto attract rubbish (for ease in auto retrieval) -- The Magnetic auto-rubbish trekking pants
It is a small group today. Photo taken by Siti. Notice the bird flying above.
L-R (back): WongFK, Yoke Ching, Simon Tan and son, yours truly KC
(front): Rocky Dan, PK Chan, Bernard Lee, Shirley, Alexis.
Taking a breather -- Wong, Alexis, PK Chan, Yoke Ching

Bernard Lee is offering the chempedak (drop on the ground when we passed by the orchard).
L-R: Siti, Shirley, Rocky Dan, Bernard Lee

This is where we rest... Simon Tan (in yellow) and son.

A grass carpet

On the way down... Siti in foreground. She is one of the EBC team members.
Close up of the seeds of grass for pollination via PK Chan's pants.
KL Executive Rat Race -- stay tuned... work in progress to process photos from Jason Lee.
Written and posted by KC


piffs said...

hey! the doggie is still there. she's so friendly! =) i haven't climbed the western ridge in a long time, cos i've been going to the eastern ridge.

[am just a new runner who stumbled across your blog - so much trekking/hiking and running! =)]

Papa meow said...

nice blog
actually that dog is "Peace"... she is my dog... and friendly female dog.
every saturday n sunday morning peace will go up there n that is rutin 4 peace

thanks 4 take care of peace up there ya..