Thursday, June 28, 2007

My First 10km Run in PBM

A few short reflections of the Penang Bridge Marathon 2007 (PBM):

YES, the starting time was at the unearthly hours (3:00 a.m. for the full marathon; 4.30 a.m. for the half and 5.30 a.m. for the 10km)
YES, the whole bridge was FULL of runners, giving real meaning to the expression “a SEA of runners"
YES, the was hardly a breeze that blew and the weather was rather humid.
BUT hey! This is how I feel after my first 10km ... the simple joys of finishing a race!
(Photos were taken by Moira)

Gerald's (at left) first 10km race – He decided to race or “no aim-lah” just running in the evenings! “My first thought – next race I can do better!”

Chai Gim's (at left) first 10km race – she went along to motivate her friends to exercise! “At the finish line - Great satisfaction came to my mind – I have done it!”

Eliza's first 10km race - She did the race to prove to her better half and more importantly herself that she could do it! And she DID it! “Alas! I did it. And the next thought was my legs …. It is going to drop off … and where are the rest of my friends and where is the St John Ambulance tent!!”

Christina – she started running 13 weeks before the Penang Bridge run. “I had 100 m to go before completing my first 10km fun run of the Penang Bridge marathon. Yes, we have come a long way, baby. It had been quite a struggle working my way through about 10,000 + other runners to finish the course. And then I crossed the line... I DID IT!!!! YEAAAH!!!! Now where is my photographer?? She must have finished ages ago and had disappeared along with her camera!! Never mind, the pictures can come later. Right now, all I wanted was to savor the moment of completing my very first run at a personal best time of ...well, not telling!”

Deborah's first 10km race – She did the race to get extra-curriculum marks in school!! “YES! I have finally finished the last few steps of the race that I nearly gave up on and, MAN! my legs are aching like crazy, but the feeling of actually finishing the whole race is great...I actually enjoyed the race!”

Different runners with different aims, but all finished their first 10km race with same feeling of exhilaration and ready to go for the next race!

By Moira


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