Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Ah Beng at Cheng Beng

It's Cheng Beng time and as the filial grandson, Ah Beng went to pray at his grandfather's grave.

After performing the formalities, he proceeded to burn the praying paraphernalia and firecrackers and was caught by a policeman patrolling the area.

Policeman: "Encik, do you know that it is an offence to let off firecrackers?"

Ah Beng: "I know letting off firecrackers has been banned."

Policeman: "Then why do you still do it?"

Ah Beng: "Since it is an offence to let off the firecrackers here and I remembered that during my grandfather's time, he was freely able to do so and loves letting off firecrackers during festivities. In order not to waste, I am sending him the firecrackers for him to let off. So that is why I am burning it together with the rest of the praying paraphernalia in order to send it to my grandfather!"

Flabbergasted and knowing that he is facing the Malaysian Mr. Bean and he cannot fault him for being filial, the policeman just walked away speechless!

Written by YapTK, a colleague.

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