Sunday, December 24, 2023

Lata Perahu_ Berekeh_ Penyel

An action-packed 2D1N hiking and sightseeing trip at Sauk and Sungai Siput from 18-19 Nov 2023. 

(1) Lata Perahu waterfall and Dusun Homestay (Sauk town);

(2) Hiking Bukit Berekeh for sunrise and sea of clouds (Sg Siput);

(3) Penyel Waterfall (Sg Siput).

At Sauk town, we went to the local restaurants to try the famous river-fish dishes. At Sungai Siput, we visited a soy sauce factory, and bought some soy products. En route to Ipoh while returning home, we have a nice coffee and toast at the famous Kin Loong Valley Chang Jiang White Coffee. 

Do CLICK HERE to view photos taken by yours truly, KC Leong.

At Dusun Homestay, Sauk ... Ivy Wong, Ivy Chin, Rachel Thang
At Dusun Homestay, on the way to Lata Perahu waterfall
Lata Perahu waterfall
Delicious and fresh river-water fish

Viewing sunrise at Bukit Berekeh, Sungai Siput
Viewing sunrise at Bukit Berekeh
Penyel Waterfall, Sungai Siput ... Felicia Hew, Wey Tyng, Ivy Chin, Vandy Yap, Ivy Wong
Penyel Waterfall ... Rachel Thang
At at soy sauce factory, Sungai Siput
Actual itinerary and timing of post-event updates

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