Thursday, September 24, 2020

KKB Paragliding Site, Bukit Batu Pahat and Batu Belah

The recce hike on Wedn, 23 Sept 2020 at Kuala Kubu Bharu (KKB) has a few nice spots for photo shoots – the paragliding site, Batu Pahat and Batu Belah. Batu Pahat site is just next to the paragliding site, but Batu Belah site is another 500 meters further down the hill towards the Indian temple side.  

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Trail head from Taman Tasik Milenium 

Not knowing the terrain, we – ChanHN, Henry, Irene, Nelsson, Gillian Ong, Felicia Hew and yours truly – actually did a Trans Exploratory hike: we hiked up to the peak where the paragliding take-off site is situated; then descended the hill to the other side of the hill (where there is an Indian temple); then back track to the peak, and descended to the trail head. The route from Taman Tasik Milenium is following the 4WD yellow-earth road; whereas the trail from Indian temple is a fairly steep hiking trails. Started at around 8am, we returned to trail head at around 2pm. 
At the paragliding site of KKB ... (left) KC Leong, Felicia Hew, Henry, Nelsson, Irene, ChanHN, Gillian Ong.

GPS Google Maps Drop Pins:

Trail head at Taman Tasik Milenium:

From the Sri Muneeswarar Veerapathra Kaaliamman Temple:

Batu Pahat site

Batu Pahat site is just next to the paragliding site
The mini Batu Belah
The actual Batu Belah site (this rock is as big as the Wave Rock in Kuala Pilah)
Our pretty models posing for the camera ... Felicia and Gillian
The Indian temple at the opposite end of the trail head (the trail is at the right of the photo frame)
A solo paraglider taking off from the site
Another solo paraglider taking off; for beginner, there will be an experienced operator accompanying in the flight (tandem paragliding)
A beautiful sight ... with Felicia in the foreground
Click on the map for actual big display

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Monday, September 14, 2020

Gunung Besar Hantu and Lata Dinding

Hiking Gunung Besar Hantu (GBH) and Lata Dinding on Sunday, 13 Sept 2020 ... This was my first time hiking this mountain in Negeri Sembilan and I find this mountain is as challenging as Gunung Nuang. At an elevation of 1,462m, GBH is about 30 meters lower than Gunung Nuang.

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A group photo at the trail head of GBH
(left: KC Leong, Edance, Felicia Hew; Vindy, Sylvia Ong, Tee Kong Tiong)

The reason that many of us have never hiked this mountain was due to the travelling time, and also it is being over-shadowed by Gunung Nuang. From the Google Maps, the direct distance apart between Gunung Nuang (Pansoon) and GBH trail heads are just 12km away. But the travelling time is almost double compares going to Nuang trail head. Arriving at GBH trail head, one has to travel through the zigzag country road; many kilometers before reaching GBH trail head, the road is just gravel and dirt (not tarred) and not pleasant to drive. Travelling time from Subang Jaya to GBH trail head is 2 hr 15 min. Make sure the petrol tank of your car is at least half filled as there is no petrol station for hundreds of kilometers.

Gunung Besar Hantu, Gunung Kecil Hantu, Lata Dinding waterfall - go straight;
Lata Kijang waterfall is to take the left road

The first section of the hike was walking on 4WD gravel road gradually gaining in elevation. There is a big and flat clearing with the name Kem Orkid as wild orchid flowers were seen flourish there. After Kem Orkid, it is steep ascent until GBH peak. In order to hike this mountain, one must undergo training in hiking around 5-7 hours; otherwise, one would feel the tiredness at the end of the outing.

View at the peak - the view at GBH is not attractive as the view is blocked by the trees, compares to Gunung Kecil Hantu (GKH) with a better and unobstructed view.

Arriving at Kem Orkid

When we arrived at Lata Dinding waterfall at 3:30pm, all other hikers have left; we have the whole waterfall to ourselves. Contrary to a hiker friend's previous experience at Lata Dinding where there were many leeches, on that afternoon, there was not a single leech. Even with the wet ground that day, there was not any leech at all.

At Gunung Besar Hantu peak; in order to be able to see the mountains in the background, one has to climb on to the tree and the fallen structure

Accomplishing GBH and Lata Dinding in a trip requires one to hike moderately fast pace in order to return to trail head before dark. Below is a popular mix for a day-trip:

(1) GBH and GKH together (distance apart of two peaks is only 1.5 km);

(2) Lata Dinding and Lata Kijang together (via 4WD road; gradual slope).

Enjoying the cold water at Lata Dinding waterfallThe majestic Lata Dinding waterfallSecurity guard checking before entering the park

A lot of parking space within the park; directly opposite is the toilet; behind the toilet about 50 meters away, there is a suspension bridge where the campsite is located

How to apply permit:

(1) Obtain permit on-site at the park office - one can only clear security guard and enter the park at 8am when the ranger reports for work; for long hike, this method is not favourable due to late start;

(2) Apply online - write email to Negeri Sembilan Forestry with the participant names and particulars; once the officer confirms the submission, payment can be done online upon advised with the bank account number. With the proof of transfer of payment, permit would then issue (communication via email). With the permit, the security guard would allow entry into the park even before 8am;

(3) Permit fee = RM5 per person.

Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri, Negeri Sembilan Darul Khusus

Tel: 06 - 7659875



There is a nice campsite within the park, permit fee is also RM5 each person. The two buildings at the background are the toilet

GBH Trail map showing two peaks and two waterfalls (click on the map for a bigger display)

Duration for GBH and Lata Dinding:

A-B = 30 min;

B-D = 2 hr 20 min;

D-E = 1 hr 15 min;

E-F = 25 min;

A-F = 4 hr 40 min (GBH);

C-L = 1 hr 15 min (Lata Dinding).

We started the hike at 7:15am, returned to trail head at 6:30pm with a round trip of 11 hours.

Round trip distance:

GBH + GKH = 22km;

GBH + Lada Dinding = 30km;

Lata Dinding + Lata Kijang = 25km.

Google Maps Drop Pin:

Click Here for trail head of GBH and GKH (Taman Alam Liar Negeri, Kenaboi) ...

Feeling hungry after the hike, we drove to Titi town for dinner, about 35km away on straight route. If we returned to Batu 14 Hulu Langat area, we need to travel 60km of winding route, that would take much longer time. Drop pin below is the Chinese restaurant that we went in Titi town; there are a few more restaurants nearby.

Click Here for Google Maps drop pin to Sin Wong Kok Restaurant.

New update on 20 April 2021 ... according to CL Chong, his group went there for camping at the new camping hall, located not far from the existing camping ground. Booking of entire hall cost RM200 per night, complete with electricity, water and toilet. Photos below courtesy of CL Chong.

A newly erected camping hall, good for wet season camping 
A new kitchen complete with electricity plug points 

The sifu Mr Tee Kong Tiong:

We have the opportunity to meet Mr Tee Kong Tiong in this hike, the senior who was lost in Mount Korbu for three days sometime on 2 Aug 2020.

To summarize that incident, he concluded that "puteri blinded his vision and thoughts". At one y-fork junction, there was a clear trail on the left but he entered the not-so-clear trail on the right. After a few hours, he arrived at another campsite, and decided to stay overnight as it was almost in the evening. Then next day, he continued the wrong path. It was during the end of the second day, then only he realised that he was on the wrong path. 

During the conversation, he said that it did not occur to him that there were 16 ladders to climb and he did not see any of them (when walking in the wrong path).

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Thursday, September 10, 2020

Bukit Raka (Bentong) Hike

Hiking Bukit Raka at Bentong on Wednesday, 9 Sept 2020 ... At a height of 587 meters, it is quite a challenging hill to hike. It is best to ascend the hill via Trail A and descend via Trail B. Trail A is challenging, overcoming steep rocky slopes with good ropes provided, and require stronger upper body strength. Trail B is a little gradual, hence, safe for descent. Reversing the order can be dangerous if involved in a fatal fall, unless one is good in abseiling or rock climbing. When the rocky surfaces are wet, going up via Trail A is not a good idea. 

The trails are well marked, and the thick ropes are well maintained by Bentong Forestry. There is a clearing at the peak with a good view of Bentong township and the distant mountains.

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Entry point to the forest

Trail head information:

(1) In Google Maps, type "Bukit Raka Starting Point";

(2) Parking is just next to the edge of a housing area; as such, avoid blocking the neighbourhood;

(3) There is no toilet and water facility.

Trail A with the steep slopes ... Shu-Lin and Felicia Hew

Timing for group (normal pace):

(1) Ascent = 2 hours;

(2) Descent = 2 hours; 

(3) Start at 8:00 a.m. if with mountain guide.

Kelau Dam is visible in the background (at10 o'clock direction)

How to apply for Permit to hike Bukit Raka, Bentong:

(1) contact Pejabat Hutan Daerah Bentong at 09-222 1039; alternatively, write email directly to;

(2) provide participants' particulars and emergency contacts;

(3) permit for each participant is RM10;

(4) payment is via Money or Postal Order; alternatively, an officer of Bentong Forestry will advise the online method of payment; 

(5) with the new Covid-19 RMCO ruling on 4 Sept 2020, each mountain guide leads 7 hikers.

A group photo at Bukit Raka peak
(L-R, back row) Edance, ChanHN, Julia Ooi, Jimmy Teh, ChongYF, KC Leong;
(front row) Henry, Irene Poh, Nelsson, PT Teh, Felicia Hew, YS Wong, Shu-Lin.
Bukit Raka peak ... blue sky and white clouds
The clearing at the peak
Descending the hill via Trail B
A warm welcome by the puppies when passing by the durian orchard
Permit for hiking Bukit Raka issued by Jabatan Perhutanan Negeri Pahang (Pahang State Forestry Department)

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Thursday, August 27, 2020

Sungai Pisang Waterfall

Picnic at Sungai Pisang waterfall (in Gombak, Kuala Lumpur) with ChanHN and group on 27 Aug 2020 ... it is a nice place for picnic and water activity. While we were there, we saw two guys were setting up abseiling equipment at the waterfall. After having a closer look, then only I realised that he was Eddie Ang, my 2016 Mount Siguniang 四姑娘山 (2nd Sister Peak, 5,276m) trekking guide.

Do CLICK HERE to view 42 high-resolution photos courtesy of yours truly, KC Leong. 

For those who like waterfall abseiling, you can do it in Gombak, and you don't have to travel outstation. Eddie Ang can be contacted at +6016-332 0122.

There is a nice campsite just next to the Sungai Pisang waterfall.

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Saturday, August 01, 2020

Kiara Boulder

A good hike on Friday, 31 July 2020 to the unique round boulder that looks like a dinosaur egg. It was cleverly hidden in the many trails in Bukit Kiara. Team Lead for the excursion was Hooi Miin. 
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Yeah, we arrive at the round boulder
Good background for photo shoot

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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Taiping and Gopeng Free-and-Easy 2020

A free-and-easy trip visiting Taiping and Gopeng with USJ Zhineng chi gong friends from 25-27 July 2020. 

Do CLICK HERE for 168 high-resolution photos courtesy of yours truly, KC Leong.

Activities in this photo album ...

(1) Charcoal factory, Kuala Sepetang;
(2) Kuala Sepetang;
(3) Lunch at Light House Seafood Restaurant, Matang;
(4) Wonder Farm Mushroom factory;
(5) Aun Tong Coffee Mill;
(6) Flemington Hotel, Taiping;
(7) Taiping Lake Gardens;
(8) Adeline Villa and Resthouse, Gopeng;
(9) White water rafting;
(10) Dinner, breakfast and walk-around Adeline resort;
(11) Gaharu Tea Valley, Gopeng;
(12) Gua Tempurung, Tour 2 until Platform 5;
(13) A lifeless Agacia, Kampar;
(14) Lake in front of UTAR Kampar.

 Charcoal factory, Kuala Sepetang
 Wonder Farm Mushroom factory
 Aun Tong Coffee Mil
 Taiping Lake Gardens
 Taiping Lake Gardens
 Adeline Villa and Resthouse, Gopeng
 Participating in white water rafting
 Walk-around Adeline resort
 Gua Tempurung Tour #2 until Platform 5
Photo shoot at Agacia, Kampar 

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