Monday, September 19, 2022

Gunung Liang Hike 2022

Hiking Gunung Liang on 17 Sept 2022  ... We started the hike at 6am and only return to trail head after 12 hours. This is a tough mountain to tackle, tougher than hiking Gunung Nuang peak. It was a gloomy day but only started to drizzle at around 5pm after we have crossed the river at Lubuk Hantu campsite while returning to the trail head. Surprisingly, there was not a single leech on the trails, especially the first part (from trail head to Lubuk Hantu campsite). The first part of the trails is clear and wide. 

Do CLICK HERE to view photos courtesy of yours truly, KC Leong.

A group photo at Lubuk Hantu before crossing the river

I have a packet of Kembara outdoor meal - Chicken Masak Merah with Tomato Rice - balance from the Gunung Ledang hike. For a change, instead of eating buns at the peak, this time, I have a delicious meal.

My previous hike at G. Liang was on 10 Oct 2017, a lapse of 5 years. During that time, it was raining almost the whole day. When returning to the river crossing at Lubuk Hantu, the water level rose and we were stuck for almost 2 hours. Do click here for the posting (with timing, trailhead GPS, survival tips for crossing river).

Crossing this river is risky especially when the water level rises
Awesome natural sculpture of moss
Group photo at Liang West, the mossy forest 
From 7/E campsite to the peak, a lot of muddy trail just like the condition above

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