Sunday, October 16, 2011

Final training at Batu Caves

The steps training at Batu caves on Saturday, 15 October 2011 mark the final training before we take on the Mount Kinabalu Climbathon challenge on 22 October 2011.

It was a last minute change of venue from Gunung Nuang as this is supposed to be a safe and easy training (since we have come thus far in training).

A few of the other participants are doing their trainings at Apek Hill and Gunung Nuang also.

Do click here to view photos taken by yours truly (KC). Three photos in the album are by courtesy of Mak CK.

The challenging 252 steps of Batu Caves. Try going up in quick succession, you will experience how tough it is ... :-)

L-R: Mak CK, Tee EK, ChongYF, KC Leong, Patricia Yap and Eileen Gan.

Amazing power – 500c.c. x 24 bottles x 3 boxes = 12kg x 3 = 36 kg !!
I helped to carry another box and I have to take a breather at mid-point.

A group of Chinese nationals from Shanghai are visiting Batu Caves. This guy is not very fit. Not used to the steep gradient, he almost fainted that gives us the scare.
We tried to offer our help much to the appreciation of his lady group members who said that we are very helpful and kind.
MakCK is trying to keep him awake by engaging in conversation with him.
We later accompany him to go down the steps for fearing that he would trip and fall.

 L-R: Mak CK, Micki and friend and KC Leong

Micki’s Microsoft Extreme Challenge versus MakCK’s Terry Fox Run. Mak is assisting in promoting the run that will be held at Padang Merbok on 13 Nov 2011.
Terry Fox Run T-Shirt for charity is RM30 each. Get one today from MakCK to raise money for cancer research !!

Very yow yeng pose ... Patricia Yap, Eileen Gan and Micki

 Flexing the muscle ... Steven and his loved one

Auspicious entrance ... L-R: ChongYF, Patricia, KC Leong, TeeEK, Steven Onn and his loved ones, Eileen Gan.

Patricia Yap showing the Terry Fox Run T-shirt that she is supporting ... this photo courtesy of Mak CK.

Temple in Batu Caves

We adjourn for breakfast at the Indian stalls within the compound of Batu Caves ... Patricia holding the nicely done wafer thin pancakes (Dosai) that is in the shape of a hat.

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